Attosecond Technology - Light Sources,  Metrology, Applications
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Participating Universities
Birmingham University
Imperial College London
Oxford University
Reading University
Rutherford Appleton Labs
University College London
Recent News
• Invited article on cover of Review of Scientific Instruments
• Imperial attosecond streaking measurement on the cover of J. Phys. B. Special Issue
• Attosecond public engagement at the Imperial College Festival
• Can we freeze time? - John tisch's Inaugural Lecture
• Numerical simulation of attosecond nanoplasmonic streaking
• Later Shearing Interferometry of High-Harmonic Wavefronts
• Measurement of a sub-4fs high energy pulse.
• First isolated attosecond pulses measured in the UK


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Attosecond meets Art

Geraldine Cox is an artist in residence at the Imperial College Physics Department in London where she works in collaboration with scientists. Her work aims to convey the human story, poetry and wonder of the scientific life and share ideas about what we find in new ways. Please visit

This is how Geraldine describes her project in our attosecond laboratory:

"At Imperial College in London a team of physicists are creating infinitesimally short pulses of light of great power so that they can probe the dynamics of matter at the smallest scales. The light pulses are millionths of billionths of a second long and have the power of nearly 200 of the UK's largest power stations.
Here are two short films about the project. The first tells the story and is structured in three parts: a quiet narrative beginning and end, with a central crescendo, echoing the light pulses the team create. The second is a playful lesson in how the team manipulate and shape these extraordinary light forms.
Thank you to the scientists: Zara Abdelrahman, Davide Fabris, Felix Frank, William Okel, John Tisch and Tobias Witting."