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Recent News
• Invited article on cover of Review of Scientific Instruments
• Imperial attosecond streaking measurement on the cover of J. Phys. B. Special Issue
• Attosecond public engagement at the Imperial College Festival
• Can we freeze time? - John tisch's Inaugural Lecture
• Numerical simulation of attosecond nanoplasmonic streaking
• Later Shearing Interferometry of High-Harmonic Wavefronts
• Measurement of a sub-4fs high energy pulse.
• First isolated attosecond pulses measured in the UK

Light sources

A number of light sources are currently under development as part of the project. Details for these systems can be accessed here:

  • Few-cycle source

    A few-cycle source based on hollow fibre pulse compression, for the generation of attosecond pulses.

  • Few-cycle OPCPA source

    Construction of a high energy OPCPA based source based, as a drive laser for attosecond pulse generation.

  • Raman based source development

    Demonstration of a Raman based scheme for the generation of high power, isolated, sub-femtosecond pulses.

  • Attosecond XUV source

    Development of an attosecond XUV source

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