Attosecond Technology - Light Sources,  Metrology, Applications
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The Project
Recent News
• Invited article on cover of Review of Scientific Instruments
• Imperial attosecond streaking measurement on the cover of J. Phys. B. Special Issue
• Attosecond public engagement at the Imperial College Festival
• Can we freeze time? - John tisch's Inaugural Lecture
• Numerical simulation of attosecond nanoplasmonic streaking
• Later Shearing Interferometry of High-Harmonic Wavefronts
• Measurement of a sub-4fs high energy pulse.
• First isolated attosecond pulses measured in the UK

Selected Publications

We note that some outputs have arisen from work partially supported by other grants in addition to the Basic Technology Grant. We gratefully acknowledge:

  • EU-FP6 XTRA (MRTN-CT-2003-505138) Attosecond Network Attosecond Metrology, Attosecond Pulse Trains
  • EPSRC GR/N11292 Raman work at IC
  • EPSRC EP/C530764 Molecular Imaging & Attosecond Pulse Trains
  • EPSRC EP/P028063 Electron Control

We also had support for collaboration with Italian groups from Royal Society 2002-2004 (joint project grant) and from Laser Lab Europe for experiments conducted in Milan.