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In the press
• Photosynthesis viewed in a flash
• Catching the wave - measurement of half-cycle cut-offs
• Fastest view of molecular motion
• Scientists capture the speediest ever motion in a molecule
• RCUK summary of the Attosecond Technology project


Follow the links below for reports on past events related to the Attosecond Technology project, as well as details and information on upcoming events.

Past events:

  • Basic Technology Showcase Meeting- Manchester, 19 May 2010

    A poster presentation on the Attosecond Technology Translation Grant) Project can be found here. The Attosecond Technology Project was one of the top ranked projects. An excerpt from the assessment by the independendent, international panel can be found here

  • Basic Technology Grant-Holders Workshop - Leicester, 20-21st March 2007

    A poster presentation on the Attosecond Technology Project can be found here

  • Ultrafast Dynamic Imaging Workshop - 9th-11th of April 2006

    This meeting explored the current possibilities and the near future prospects for imaging matter at the sub-Angstrom spatial scale and the femtosecond and attosecond time-scales. For more details visit the link to the Workshop website

    The workshop handbook can be found here

  • Attosecond Technology Project: Mid Term Review - 6th-7th of April 2006

    Details of the schedule can be found here

    Other information and photos from the day can be found here

  • RAL management meeting

    As part of the regular management meetings for the project, PhD students from within the collaboration gave presentations of their work. To see the presentations follow the link above.

  • Tackling the challenges of tomorrow's technologies

    23rd June, 2003 - RAL

  • Grant-Holders meeting

    29-30th April, 2003 - Bristol

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